Parade Policies

95th Grand Parade • Saturday, August 17, 2024

Application deadline is Wednesday, July 15th at 5pm.
Parade applications will be accepted until the parade is full, or until July 31st.

Acceptance of each entry is at the discretion of the Parade Committee. Application must include the application fee. A confirmation letter will be emailed within 10 days of receipt, and an information letter will be sent to parade participants in early August.

Marching Bands — Due to the Grand Parade's growth in popularity, parade timing, and staging limitations, the number of marching bands that can be accommodated in the parade is limited to 12 schools. Priority will be given to bands based on prior attendance and space availability.


Amplified Sound Fee – Amplified sound is limited and not guaranteed
WWW charges a $10 fee for entries with amplified sound. Entries with amplified sound are limited and not guaranteed. This does not apply to Marching Bands or Pipe Bands. All amplified sound must be directed to the sides of the entry; no forward – or rear-facing amplification. Amplified sound cannot interfere with or be a nuisance to other parade entries.

Cancellations / No Shows
Cancellations must be made in writing prior to July 31 to receive a partial refund; $15 of the entry fee will be retained for administrative costs. Cancellations received July 31 or later, as well as “no-shows” will result in no refund.

Entry Specifications
The maximum width of Main Street from Rio Grande to Nevada, is 24 feet. To clear traffic lights, the maximum height of an entry can be no higher than 12 feet. Due to the number of marching bands and entries submitted with amplified sound, the committee is limiting the number of entries with amplified sound and will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.

Parade Route
The parade route is about one mile long .
The Grand Parade begins at Littleton Boulevard and Gallup Street, heads west on the north side of Littleton Boulevard, and con­tinues through down­town Littleton on Main Street. The judging stand is at the west end of Main Street. Entries will turn south in front of the judging stand onto Rapp Street, ending at Arapahoe Community College for dismantling.

Parade Movement
It is important that maneuvers do not slow or impede the forward movement of the parade. Parade Marshals will be present along the parade route to assist in keeping a proper pace and spacing along the route. For maximum exposure, stay about 25 feet from the entry ahead of you. Any closer and the parade viewers may not see the front of your entry; any further and the Parade Marshals will ask you to close the gap.

Parade Check-in and Position Numbers
Please have your group meet at a pre-arranged location and assign one person to go to the check-in tent.
Check-in begins at 8am, and is located in the park across the street from the Littleton Museum on Gallup Street at Library Lane (look for the pop-up canopy). You will receive your entry number and place of staging at that time. You must be in line no later than 9:15am. Western Welcome Week cannot give out position numbers prior to the parade. We wish that we could put everyone at the front of the parade, but we cannot, so we ask that you please be understanding of our efforts to mix entries and of your position. Thank you.

Unloading Parade Participants
All vehicles delivering parade participants to the parade staging area on Gallup Street should unload passengers on Datura Street, a block west of Gallup Street. Due to limited parking, it is preferable for groups to park in “Parking Lot A” at Arapahoe Community College, 5900 S. Santa Fe Drive and Church Avenue (dismantling area) and carpool to the limited parking areas along Datura Street. Or, catch the Littleton Public Schools (LPS) Shuttle Bus from Church Avenue and ride up to the parade staging area.

The dismantling of entries will be at the end of the route on Church Avenue at Arapahoe Community College, 5900 S. Santa Fe Drive. Please do not unload participants or start dismantling your entry prior to arriving at the college.

Insurance Regulations
Parade participants may not throw, toss, or hand out anything from your entry or on the parade route. Entries not adhering to this rule could be pulled from the parade. We are expecting 40,000+ spectators and want to make sure that we have a safe parade for everyone to enjoy.

Fire and Safety Precautions
Mandated Fire Code, decorative material used on your entry shall be noncombustible or flame retardant. Motorized vehicles or towing vehicles must have a fire extinguisher (2-A: 10-B:C). NOTHING may be thrown or handed out (i.e. candy, promotional items, flyers, brochyures, etc.) from any entry to parade spectators. This could result in expulsion from the parade.

Horse trailer/vehicle parking is located at Arapahoe Community College (ACC), 5900 S. Santa Fe Drive, in “Parking Lot B” on Church Avenue between Santa Fe and Prince Street. Fresh water is available for the horses. A police escort will lead the equestrian units from ACC to the parade check-in and staging area no later than 8:30am. If you are a smaller equestrian entry, or prefer to go directly to the staging area, please go directly to the parade check-in on Gallup Street near Library Lane. Note: an insurance certificate naming Western Welcome Week as additional insured is required for all equestrian entries.

Political Entries
Acceptable political entries include elected “seated” officials, local candidates, and political parties. Only ONE entry is allowed per political party. All political entry participants must either be riding on a float entry or in a motorized or horse-drawn vehicle: NO WALKERS regardless of political position.

Number of Participants Per Entry
The maximum number of participants for a parade entry is 20, with the exception of school marching bands. All banners, signs, etc., on the floats or vehicles must be in good taste and positive in nature. All banners, signs, etc. will be reviewed by parade officials and are subject to removal at the discretion of the parade officials. Any questions regarding the appropriateness of said banners, signs and materials used will be the final decision of the parade chair and committee.

It could be a warm day; be sure to bring water or other hydrating fluids, sunscreen, and protective eye wear for everyone in your unit. Be advised that Western Welcome Week has specific dates for events which are not canceled due to inclement weather, and no refunds are made because of weather. However, if weather creates a safety issue, Western Welcome Week reserves the right to terminate or postpone the event.

Reservation of Rights
Western Welcome Week, Inc., a nonprofit organization, reserves the right to refuse participation to any group, groups, individuals, an individual, association, business, or any other entity of any nature or type that WWW feels in its sole discretion would not further the goals of the organization, would not be appropriate considering circumstances, or might reflect negatively upon Western Welcome Week, an individual or group.