Bemis House Restoration

Bemis House prior to restorationThe Western Welcome Week’s business office is housed in the historic Edwin A. Bemis House in Sterne Park. Owned by the City of Littleton and leased to Western Welcome Week, Inc. The house was the home of Edwin A. Bemis, considered one of the most influential Littleton men of the twentieth century. In his earlier years, he was manager of the creamery, owned and operated the first book and stationery store in Littleton, and served as County Clerk and Deputy Treasurer. He was the publisher of the Littleton Independent from 1919 to 1966. In addition, he was the first president of the Littleton Planning Commission and the first president of the Littleton Historical Society. Littleton’s identity has been shaped in part by Edwin Bemis through his work in elected and appointed positions. His home provides a visual reminder of his life and of his contribution to Littleton.

Bemis House after restorationThe City of Littleton received a grant to restore the exterior of the Bemis House. Renovations included structural stablization, abatement of the old green asbestos siding, leaded window glass and door restoration, exterior paint, and a new cedar roof.

The interior of the home is an ongoing restoration project and some areas are in a somewhat fragile state. For this reason, tours inside the home are not available.