Parade Categories/Fees

95th Grand Parade • Saturday, August 17, 2024

Application deadline is July 15 at 5pm – Categories and fees are under review and will be updated of 2024

Review the categories below and choose the closest category that best fits your entry so you will be judged in the correct category. If the category chosen does not fit the entry, your category (and the entry fee) may changed before being accepted.


1 – FLOATS No walkers. If your entry includes walkers, complete a separate Parade Entry Application for the walkers, selecting Category 2A or 2B.
1A Club – civic, religious, non-profit $50 1st & 2nd Certificate
1B Government – city, county, police, sheriff, armed forces, etc. $75 1st & 2nd Certificate
1C Business & Professional – with additional commercial advertising on tow vehicle and/or trailer
If parade officials notice advertising on float and/or vehicle during parade staging, you will be asked to remove it, cover it, or pay a $20 cash fee
$100 1st & 2nd Certificate
2 – MARCHING GROUPS (Marching Bands/Color Guard use 7A)
2A School organization – schools, cheer, dance teams, pom squads, sports teams, etc. (Marching bands/color guard must complete their own entry form and must use Category 7A) $55 1st & 2nd Certificate
2B Non-school organization – youth groups, civic groups, businesses, etc.; max 20 participants $100 1st & 2nd Certificate
3A Mounted individual* $30 1st & 2nd Certificate
3B Mounted group* $55 1st & 2nd Certificate
3C Horse-drawn, individual* $30 1st & 2nd Certificate
3D Horse-drawn, commercial* $55 1st & 2nd Certificate
4 – NOVELTY (Walkers are permitted; NO floats)
4A Animals (other than equestrian), clowns, non-motorized cycles, pageant entries, and other novelty entries. Walkers are permitted, maximum 15 participants. NO FLOATS — use Category 1 for floats. $55 1st & 2nd Certificate
5A Individual, non-commercial – no business names or advertising on vehicle $80 1st & 2nd Certificate
5B Commercial – maximum 3 vehicles $130 1st & 2nd Certificate
5C Club – maximum 15 vehicles $200 1st & 2nd Certificate
6 – POLITICAL (Only one entry per candidate, seated official, and political party. Walking is not permitted with ANY political entry.)
INDIVIDUAL – seated official or political candidate; maximum 3 participants per entry; no walkers
6A Horse-drawn or mounted* – Must ride on entry; no walkers $125 Not judged
6B Vehicle/Float – Must ride on entry; no walkers $175 Not judgedf
POLITICAL CAMPAIGN – candidate with campaign members, maximum 15 participants per entry; no walkers
6C Horse-drawn* – Must ride on entry; no walkers $225 Not judged
6D Vehicle/Float – Must ride on entry; no walkers $250 Not judged
POLITICAL PARTY – maximum 15 participants per entry, one entry per designated political party; no walkers
6E Horse-drawn* – Must ride on entry; no walkers $225 Not judged
6F Vehicle/Float – Must ride on entry; no walkers $250 Not judged
All political participants must either ride on a float or in a vehicle. If you get off your vehicle or float and walk along the parade route you will be asked by Parade Marshals to return to your entry or leave the parade.
Due to the Grand Parade’s growth in popularity, parade timing and staging limitations, the number of marching bands that can be accommodated in the parade is limited. Priority will be given to bands based on prior attendance and space availability.
7A Marching Band/Color Guard ONLY! – schools, cheer squads, dance teams, pom squads, sports teams, etc. must complete their own entry form and use category 2A.  None 1st, 2nd, 3rd Monetary
Best Percussion None 1st Certificate
Best Drum Major None 1st Certificate
Best Auxiliary None 1st Certificate
7B Pipe Band  None 1st Monetary
*Entries that include animals (horses, ponies, mules, dogs, cats, chickens, etc.) are required to include a certificate of insurance naming Western Welcome Week, Inc. as an additional insured.